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POS systems empowering restaurants to do more with less, amidst staffing crisis

With the worst of the pandemic behind us, restaurants are now dealing with the staffing crisis. It's one hit after another for the hospitality industry. Everyone is keen to dine out again and the industry is picking up pace, however it's hard finding staff and even harder to keep them with turnover rates at an all-time high.

Hospitality technology can help reduce these staffing pain points whilst empowering businesses to do more with less. Let's see how...

hospitality staff serving customers in a cafe

POS systems

Implementing smart hospitality technology doesn’t need to be as drastic as bringing robots into the workplace to replace the work of wait staff.

Using a POS system that is feature-rich like OrderMate will make your staff’s life a hundred times easier. The processing time of sales is reduced, allowing staff to serve customers quickly and more efficiently.

Customer wait times can drastically be reduced, let’s look at a real-world example... the OrderMate POS system enabled The Budgie Smuggler to reduce wait times at the bar by approximately 33%, providing better customer service and increasing sales.

Bar tender at The Budge Smuggler using the OrderMate POS

The Budgie Smuggler made use of the following to help streamline their processes and save time.

  • Menu items categorised for fast access to more than 30 cocktails.
  • Staff can easily place orders, often in less than 3 taps on the POS screen.
  • Less human errors due to the integration of combo prices and sales discounts.
  • Communication between kitchen and front of house simplified so that staff can focus on customer service.
  • Service speed is increased and more efficient, primarily when operating in larger functions with 400 customers coming through the door.

Through implementing these time saving practices your venue will be running more efficiently and manage with less staff than you before needed.

POS Integrations

A POS system that’s able to integrate with leading industry partners can help your business unlock more. OrderMate offers integrations for the following processes helping streamline and navigate during the current staff shortages.

Staff rosters – Deputy & Tanda

Staffing is a balancing act for hospo operators, balancing shift times, personality clashes, annual leave, sick days and more. The staffing crisis has made it harder than ever with less staff available, forcing many venues to operate understaffed, putting a lot of pressure on their current staff.

Staffing integrations like Deputy and Tanda help hospo operators manage their staff better by taking care of timesheets, payroll and employee onboarding. Resulting in optimised staff roasters that are created in minutes!

Combining POS and workforce management into one solution can help operators create the smartest schedule for their team and ensure the best possible customer service with the right number of staff.

At-table ordering – HungryHungry

Integrations such as HungryHungry enables at-table ordering, so customers can order directly through the table QR code. This eliminates the need for staff on the floor to take customers' orders. Reducing the number of staff that your venue will need to roster daily.

Customer scanning HungryHungry QR code at-table

Reservations – SevenRooms,& Now Book It, ResDiaryThe Fork

During rush hour you need all hands on deck, it can really slow down processes having staff running off to answer the phone for reservations. Free up your staff's time by eliminating the need to answer the phone for reservations by moving it all online.

The Fork, Seven Rooms, ResDiary or Now Book It can be implemented in your business to enable customers to make reservations online in their own time. This allows staff to focus their time elsewhere.

Online ordering – Deliverect

Automatically integrate your online orders directly to your POS system with Deliverect. No longer is there a need for staff to manually accept each order that comes in and re-enter it into the POS.

If you're interested in how the OrderMate POS can help you operate with less, contact OrderMate today and talk to our hospitality consultants.

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