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In order to run and manage a great bar or nightclub, you need the best Bar & Nightclub POS system for speed and reliability.

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Our intuitive and easy-to-use bar & nightclub POS software provides features designed to take your bar or nightclub service to the next level: clever cloud-based reporting features, inventory management, bar tabs and tab management, split inventory for liquor pours, cocktail menu customisation, and so much more.

  • Hardware & Software

    Hardware & Software

    If required, we can supply you with both the OrderMate Software and POS Hardware for your venue.

  • 24/7 Customer Care Team

    24/7 Customer Care Team

    No matter what time your venue operates, our dedicated support team is ready to help whenever you need it.

  • Trained by Professionals

    Trained by Professionals

    The OrderMate Training Team will ensure you are a proficient users of the software, so you can get the most out of it.

Clever Cloud-based Reporting

Clever Cloud-based Reporting

Keep your finger on the pulse and drill down on your business’ performance with cloud-based reporting features. Having access to critical sales information will enable you as a bar or nightclub operator to make better decisions that will benefit your business and drive profits.

Flawless Inventory Management

Flawless Inventory Management

Inventory is an essential part of bar & nightclub management. With OrderMate, you can get a deeper understanding of customer demand and what drinks are driving your profits. You can save money by keeping track of your distribution levels and better anticipate future purchases.

Set up a seamless service with Bar Tabs

Set up a seamless service with Bar Tabs

The Bar Tab feature built into the OrderMate system lets your customers pay for their nights drinking all at once, instead of making individual transactions after each and every drink. This not only cuts down wait times, but it keeps your customers happy and coming back for more.

Cocktail Customisation

Cocktail Customisation

If your bartenders gets a little experimental at times with creating new and exciting cocktail combinations, then you need a POS system that can handle each unique drink order that gets put through. OrderMate Bar & Nightclub POS has the ability to add and subtract any items from your menu, and your staff can do it in a matter of seconds.

“Can we split the bill?”

“Can we split the bill?”

Bartenders don’t often like to hear this question because splitting the bill typically requires a lot of work – but with OrderMate Bar & Nightclub POS, splitting the bill is a fast and easy process that doesn’t waste time. Trust us, your customers will love the extra level of service you provide.

Drink Specials and Happy Hours Made Possible

Drink Specials and Happy Hours Made Possible

If your bar decides to run a Happy Hour, you don’t want to spend hours each day in the back-end of your POS making changes to your drink prices. OrderMate Bar & Nightclub POS has the ability to set up time triggers, which are used to automatically activate an event at a predetermined time or day of the week. Saving you time and letting your bar run like clockwork.


The crew at Mary's Newtown use OrderMate point of sale to run their busy bar.

What Bar & Nightclub Operators are saying about OrderMate

Bar & Nightclub Operators all around Australia trust OrderMate to help manage their venues.


Jack Sotti

OrderMate is an all in one solution that is completely customisable, and as the manager of a busy bar that is exactly what want from your Point of Sale system. The Back of House OfficeMate is easy to use and assists me with completing my integral daily tasks. The stock control features of suggested ordering, invoice creation and integrated barcode scanning ensures stock remains continuously streamlined.


Bruno Wicks & Kenny Graham

The OrderMate system is very versatile between bar and table service which is great for our business. We now have immediate accountability on how the business is managed through the use of functions like Stock Control.


Kenny Graham

There are so many variables in the hospitality industry, any tool that can assist in building structure, provide accurate data and also provide fantastic support is invaluable to our business.

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