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Run your business better with OrderMate and Deputy by combining POS with workforce management.

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About Deputy

Deputy is a simple and innovative workplace management solution for employee rostering, time and attendance and team communication. This, coupled with brilliant mobile apps and one-click payroll integration, equips business managers with the tools they need to get out of the back office and into the action. More than 250,000 workplaces around the world use Deputy to manage their employees.

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Sales data from the POS goes straight to Deputy.

Remove the need to compare reports manually.

Create an optimised roster.

Reduce potential under or over staffing situations.


Why Deputy?

  • A simple and intuitive app.
    Creates schedules in minutes, effortlessly track employee hours and export to payroll. Replaces manual spreadsheets, paperwork, calls and emails so managers can know precisely who is on shift and approve timesheets with a click of a button, no matter where they are.
  • Automate tasks and timesheets.
    Deputy simplifies the tough jobs to save operators time and money. With all the employees on the platform, everyone can see what’s happening and everyone’s in touch.
  • Greater control over business performance.
    Whether there are 5 or 5,000 employees, Deputy’s powerful software platform can help any business perform at its best. Align labour requirements with sales forecasts to reduce wage bill, optimise staffing levels using live sales data and prevent time theft with biometric and geo-location validation.
  • Keeps owner-operators on the right side of tough labour laws.
    Compliance safeguards are built in, and all scheduling and timesheet details are captured and stored automatically, providing you with an ongoing record of compliance for regulators and employees.

How we work together

Combining POS and workforce management into one solution, OrderMate and Deputy can help operators create the smartest schedule for their team and ensure the best possible customer service with the right amount of staff.

  • Automatically sends sales data to plan ahead
    By integrating with Deputy, OrderMate sends sales data seamlessly into the rostering platform so that venue operators have a better insight to forecast effectively.
  • Employee roster
    By having sales data displaying in Deputy instead of spending extra time comparing reports manually, venue operators can create an optimised roster for particular days/times of the week whilst staying on budget.