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OrderMate: An Intuitive Solution for Mr. Burton

At Mr. Burton in Ashburton, hospitality isn't just business - it’s a family tradition. Nadeem Hassan, a third-generation hospitality operator, has transformed his passion for food and service into a thriving establishment. But more than that, he has built his restaurant into “the” venue that regulars come together at to enjoy delicious Italian cuisine and atmosphere. 

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Nadeem Hassan to explore the role OrderMate plays in Mr. Burton's success.

Cafe coffee bar

Hospitality legacy

Nadeem's family is deeply rooted in hospitality, meaning he’s experienced the hustle and bustle of hospitality from a young age. Nadeem was heavily influenced by his parents’ restaurant in Deli, India and later, their family’s ventures travelling all over the world, following his father and his work in hospitality. After studying to become a chef, Nadeem made the decision to go into business with Mr. Burton as a way to showcase his individuality in the evolving food scene. 

"Growing up with my dad, he had his own approach, a way that has stood the test of time. However, being part of the younger generation and witnessing the dynamic evolution of the food scene, I always have wanted to create my own path. This is precisely what I've brought to life here at Mr. Burton, doing it my way."

Cauliflower steak being cooked on a hot pan with big flames

With over 10 years of experience, Mr. Burton's menu reflects a blend of modern Australian and European influences, with heavy importance placed on sourcing the freshest local produce (A tip for new diners here - You must try their cauliflower steak, one of Nadeem's favourites.) 

"We are passionate about sourcing the best quality fresh produce, direct from local and sustainable suppliers and farmers."

Bruschetta served at cafe on table


For Nadeem, adopting OrderMate was an intuitive decision. The previous owners were already utilising the system, seeing the system in action Nadeem saw it as a natural fit for Mr. Burton’s evolving needs. His decision was also solidified by glowing recommendations from friends in the industry. 

“A few of my friends in the hospitality industry highly recommended OrderMate affirming that it stands as one of the most powerful systems out there.”

The seamless transition, facilitated by their dedicated account manager Danielle Widdowson, ensured Mr. Burton's operations were up and running smoothly from day one.

OrderMate features

Table courses: 

A standout feature for Mr. Burton has been OrderMate's table courses functionality. This innovative tool has significantly streamlined their dinner services, allowing for easy course calls and enhancing the management of service sequences, ensuring a seamless and efficient dining experience for both staff and customers.

OrderMate’s Customer Database: 

Building a comprehensive customer database within OrderMate POS has empowered Mr. Burton to provide VIP service to specific customers. By storing reservation data and linking it to individual tables, the restaurant can anticipate customer preferences and enhance the overall dining experience.

"OrderMate's customer database has helped our service at Mr. Burton. Storing reservations and linking them to tables enables us to deliver a VIP experience, we can now anticipate preferences. It's the key to connecting with our customers allowing them to feel special."

Customers sitting in cafe enjoying coffee

OrderMates Impact on Mr. Burton

Nadeem highlights the robustness of OrderMate, emphasising its cloud-based nature, which ensures the system's integrity. 

“We've never faced issues, and our customers are consistently happy. Its compatibility, integrating with 99% of hospitality integrations, makes it the reliable backbone of our operations." 

This compatibility and reliability allows Mr. Burton to maintain operational efficiency, keeping both staff and customers satisfied.

"I would recommend it for a venue of any size. The scalability is there—from a 10-seater to a 100-seater venue, the system can handle it. Some other systems can't keep up with it as you grow."

As Nadeem continues to innovate and grow, OrderMate remains a constant, supporting Mr. Burton in delivering exceptional service to their loyal customers. If you too would like to hear how OrderMate can help your operations get in contact with OrderMate today. 

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