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Unlock the power of POS integrated gift cards this holiday season

'Tis the season to be jolly, and for hospitality venues, it's the season to leverage the power of gift cards! As Christmas approaches, your venue is likely gearing up for the holiday rush. With school holidays and offices closing, customers will be flocking to their local eateries to celebrate with family and friends. This holiday season, consider the untapped potential of integrated gift card solutions with your POS system.

Ensure your venue is prepared for the gift giving rush by having vouchers available for purchase both online and in-venue. Whether they are bought for friends, family or staff, remember it’s important to promote that you offer gift cards; keep it simple with a sign or poster in your venue or a banner on your website to remind customers they can buy gift cards from you. 

customers celebrating Christmas in a hospitality venue

You can streamline the process with Now Book It gift cards or connect with Doshii to have access to Givex, with both connecting directly to your OrderMate POS system. These integrations enable customers to buy gift cards effortlessly, both online or in-person.

Why your venue needs Integrated Gift Card Solutions

Boost Seasonal Sales

Gift cards are the gift that keeps on giving—literally. They offer a seamless boost in sales, and with the holiday spirit in full swing, customers are eager to share the joy. Integrated gift card solutions allow your venue to generate profits even before customers walk through the door.

Promotional Power

Beyond being a popular Christmas gift, leverage your gift cards for strategic promotions. For example, entice customers with a special offer for example: spend over $200 in food and receive a $20 gift card in return. This not only encourages higher spending during the holidays but also promotes return visits in the future.

Benefits of Integrated Gift Card Solutions

Quicker Transaction Times

Save staff time and keep customers happy with speedy transactions. Integrated POS gift card systems significantly reduce the time taken to process orders, whether online or in-store. Make sure you train your staff in advance to ensure a seamless experience for stressed-out Christmas shoppers.

customers paying for their meal with their phones at their table

Grow Your Customer Base

Gift cards can be a gateway to expanding your customer base. Integrated with your POS system, it becomes easier to convert gift card recipients into loyal customers through targeted marketing campaigns. Capture their details for future marketing promotions.

Higher Spending

The initial purchase of a gift card is just the beginning. When customers redeem their gift cards, they often perceive the meal as "free," due to not having to pay. This can lead to customers adding on additional items to their bill that they would not normally, resulting in a higher overall spend on the dining experience.

Create Brand Awareness

Gift cards double as a form of marketing. Recipients may be first introduced to your venue through gift cards and may even become regulars if they enjoy the experience. After all, who can resist a free meal out, especially when it comes as a gift?

If your hospitality venue is ready to elevate their gift giving through integrated gift card solutions contact our team today! Find out how gift card solutions can increase your businesses revenue this holiday period!

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