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Increase sales, improve venue operations, boost customer loyalty and keep everything running smoothly between all of your sites with OrderMate Franchise POS and additional technologies.

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World-class Franchise and Multi-site Solutions

We are continually staying ahead of the curve by supplying franchises the latest in innovative user-friendly technology.
When it comes to franchise point of sale, OrderMate will integrate into your business or establish a successful base operation ground up.

  • Point of Sale

    Point of Sale

    A fast & reliable point of sale system that will transform your entire franchise. Taking orders, designing seating plans & receiving payment - central & simple POS.

  • Self-Service Technology

    Self-Service Technology

    Self-service Kiosk Solutions can increase average spend per customer & improve the customer experience. Flexible & functional POS.

  • Online Ordering

    Online Ordering

    Increase revenue and promote your franchises by building traffic through your own Online Ordering website

Keep it stationary, or keep things moving

Keep it stationary, or keep things moving

OrderMate Software works across multiple hardware devices. Whether you’d prefer stationary terminals or tablets that allow your staff to roam. Whatever your vision – we have the solution among our advanced franchise POS solutions.

Stay in the know with Head-office Reporting

Stay in the know with Head-office Reporting

Head Office is the central point for all things multisite. This online reporting tool brings together all the facts and figures relating to your business, as well as allowing you to control and make changes across all of  your sites. One POS, one reporting tool.

Boost Average Customer Spend with Self-Service Technology

Boost Average Customer Spend with Self-Service Technology

Improve venue operations and increase franchise profits with self-service kiosks or @Table Ordering. Our self-ordering technology can be easily mounted and incorporated to suit your store concept, providing the ultimate self ordering experience for your customers. 

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Keep your Customers coming back with an integrated Loyalty Program

Keep your Customers coming back with an integrated Loyalty Program

Encourage your loyal customer base with a loyalty system tailored to your business, allowing your customers to access a wide range of benefits at any of your stores. POS shouldn’t start and end with settling a table.


Connect your Business with The Best Solutions on the Market

Connect your Business with The Best Solutions on the Market

OrderMate connects with leading reservation, rostering, accounting, and marketing providers that your business uses everyday.

Leverage and learn from businesses making waves in the market, and connect with leading solutions through OrderMate’s advanced POS capabilities.

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Paul Piert, operations manager for some of Australia'a most loved franchise brands, tells us how OrderMate has streamlined his venue operations and improved the customer experience.

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What Franchise Professionals are saying about OrderMate

Paul Piert

Hogs Australia Steakhouse

I like the fact they're an Australian based company, I like the fact that when you call someone they pick up the phone. We did our due-diligence and rang around people who were using them, and everyone spoke very highly of them. It's certainly given us huge lift in terms of what we're doing going forward.

Rocky Veneziano

Groove Train

The Groove Train recently launched its Groove Club Card which is a multisite (15 restaurants) loyalty card that integrations with orderMate. The integration is the important component as this allows us to run reports through our OrderMate system, giving us data on our customers. OrderMate has been an integral part of this strategic roll out and I would recommend their technology and systems with no hesitation.

Sara Pantaleo

La Porchetta

What OrderMate has been able to do is assist our franchisees and ourselves to integrate the technology, so the future for us is all about giving our customers what they want.

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