POS Systems

Fully integrated Point Of Sale Systems

Despite many aspects of the hospitality industry remaining unchanged, POS systems and the way customers order is always evolving. At OrderMate, we’ve taken the time to develop and refine an integrated POS system that provides you with one easy solution to help run your business, utilising the most advanced technology in the industry.

We believe that a simple, yet well-designed, integrated point of sale system can make all the difference when it comes to day to day operations – and at the other end of the scale, we can empower customers to order from home via a POS online ordering system. While these changes are beneficial, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and our POS systems, in conjunction with our integrated online ordering solution, can help do exactly that. In an ever-evolving landscape, it’s never been more crucial for businesses in the hospitality industry to adapt to technological advances.

An Advanced Point Of Sale System Can Help Run Your Business

After years of research, development and refinement, we’ve developed what we believe to be the most advanced POS system on the market today. Both the hardware and software of the OrderMate point of sale systems were created by those within the hospitality industry – we know the market, we know what drives your business, and we know what you need to ensure everything is running smoothly. Your customers will love the convenience and ease, as will your hard-working staff.

Contact OrderMate today for a POS system that’s guaranteed to make your bar, café or restaurant stand out from the crowd.