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Run your business better with OrderMate and Tanda. By integrating POS and workforce management into one solution, venue operators can build smarter, more efficient staff rosters. Get the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

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About Tanda

Tanda is an online workforce success platform that helps businesses manage rostering, timesheets, payroll and employee on-boarding.

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Get insights on sales data.

Reduce time needed to compare reports manually.

Make accurate and data-driven rostering decisions.

Lower the possibility of under or over staffing situations.

Why Tanda?

  • Managed award templates.
    Tanda’s award templates are updated every time the government makes changes to the awards. The awards are fully automated and ready to be applied at the click of a button.
  • Onboarding direct link with ATO.
    Tanda’s onboarding is electronically linked with the ATO, meaning there is no TFND paperwork involved. You are also able to sign contracts, upload licences/certificates and create custom questions in Tanda’s onboarding.
  • Customisable dashboard.
    Add and remove widgets to your liking, and rearrange them to suit yourself. Add powerful template reports to the dash as well!
  • WageCompare™.
    WageCompare compares the annual salary of an employee vs what they would have earned hourly under the award, and shows whether back pay is required. Complies with the government's new rules for annual salary arrangements.
  • Intuitive reporting.
    Tanda’s in-built reporting allows you to see a number of different custom reports. For more complex reports, Tanda integrates with any cloud BI system.
  • Live insights.
    Use your OrderMate data to optimise your daily operations. With live sales from OrderMate in Tanda, see your wage % of revenue and other stats as the day progresses.
  • Predictive workforce.
    Tanda uses OrderMate historical sales data to forecast future sales for you, and accounts for variables like weather and events. Use this data to automatically predict how many staff to roster.

How we work together

Combining POS and workforce management into one solution, OrderMate and Tanda can help venue operators build smarter, more efficient staff rosters so that they get the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Seamless integration of sales data.
    OrderMate automatically sends sales data to Tanda so that venue operators can easily view their business vitals in Tanda without spending time viewing reports manually.
  • Strategically manage employee roster.
    With the business insights shown in Tanda, venue operators can roster the right amount of staff in an optimised manner to manage wage costs and ensure that the customers receive the best experience at the venue.