Inventory Management

Inventory Management Software That Delivers

Inventory Management Software That Delivers

A fundamental process across the hospitality industry is inventory management and stock control, and when done well it can add significant value to your business. OrderMate has developed an innovative application in stock control,’StockMate’, that is an advanced stock control and inventory management system which simplifies and streamlines the entire stock management process.

Simplified Stock Control – Get To Know Your Best Sellers

The stock control system within OrderMate allows for stock to be transferred between various areas, enables par levels and minimum reorder levels to be set and offers real time reporting. This ensures there is always enough stock on hand, while also minimising variances and wastage. The StockMate app is easy to use and allows you to simply and easily enter stock on hand and conduct stocktakes. Moreover, our inventory management software allows you to conduct a stocktake offline, and once completed, upload it to our back of house software. Best of all stocktakes can be done live while the business is still trading – minimizing overall business downtime.

A good inventory management system should do one thing; ensure you have the necessary amount of stock on hand at all times to help your business grow. StockMate does this and more.

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