The #1 Quick Service Restaurant and Fast Food Point of Sale | QSR POS

To run a quick service restaurant you need a quick and efficient Point of Sale System that provides your business with all the right tools.

A QSR POS System built for your business

Keep up with the fast-paced trade of a QSR store with a top of the range OrderMate Point of Sale system. With state-of-the-art tools and a plethora of amazing features, your QSR will be running like clockwork.

More Orders, Faster Payments.

The OrderMate QSR POS integrates with leading payment providers, offering your customers multiple ways to pay. The two-way integration works quickly, allowing your staff to take orders faster and more accurately than ever before.

Top Notch Hardware.

OrderMate QSR POS is available across multiple devices. All of our accessories and peripherals including cash drawers and barcode scanners are extremely versatile and well-built, and are able to handle consistent daily use within a fast-paced QSR environment.

Step into the future with Mobile Ordering.

Fasten up the ordering process for your customers by accepting orders via the customers mobile device. It’s easy –  once placed, customer orders will be sent directly to the OrderMate POS system and your customers can be notified when it’s ready to be collected at the counter.

Head-Office: Your Centralised Management Tool.

If your QSR has multiple sites, then you need a centralised management tool that cross-checks your entire business. OrderMate Head Office consolidates all the critical information from each of your sites into the one application. You can manage and make changes to reports, menus, loyalty programs and more straight from the Head Office tool, allowing you to make business decisions on the fly, wherever you are in the world.

Self-Ordering QSR Technology.

OrderMate isn’t just a POS company, we specialise in a range of hospitality technology products that aim to increase sales and improve operations. One of our most notable products is a our premium kiosk solution, allowing your customers to order via a at-counter kiosk or tablet device which can be positioned anywhere within your venue. Whatever your vision, we have the solution.

Drill Down on Critical Data.

Information is a key aspect in the decision-making process of all QSR businesses, from a single outlet to the management of a multi-location franchise. OrderMate gives operators the flexibility to select and modify data that will give them the crucial facts you need to run your business more effectively.

Improve your ROI with a Loyalty program.

OrderMate has an built-in Customer Loyalty Program that integrates directly with your QSR Point of Sale solution. Offering your loyal customers discounts and special offers are just some of the ways to increase average dollar spend and boost customer retention.