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Person using online ordering with their mobile phone

Online Ordering: Part 2

An Online Ordering System eliminates or reduces errors in the ordering process. When restaurants receive orders on the phone or in-person, the potential for mistakes is significant and costly. Not only can employees accidentally enter the wrong price or product, misunderstandings between restaurant staff and customers are common. Whether due to background noise, language barriers, the heightened stress of a busy restaurant or simply custom order misunderstandings, miscommunication can easily occur therein comprising an order and frustrating the customer.

By contrast, when a customer self-selects their food there is no room for confusion and misunderstandings. Customers can make any changes to menu items in the area provided on the online order form. With online orders then being electronically transmitted directly to the restaurant's kitchen, verbal or written staff-to-staff miscommunication of orders is also eliminated. In this way, the time-consuming and ultimately costly process of remaking dishes and delivering replacement items to customers is removed. Money and time are further saved as dockets of online orders provide proof when needed that a meal was prepared as the customer requested and that all items ordered were delivered.

Customers embrace the convenience of online food ordering. Whether on a work break, commuting home or stuck in a queue at the supermarket, anyone can place an order quickly and easily, ensuring that their meal is ready for them when they are ready to eat it. Similarly, customers value the experience of placing food orders online with their favourite restaurants without having to leave home. They also enjoy the ease with which they can lodge specific preferences compared to the relative complications of communicating individualised needs over the phone. An Online Ordering System also improves the ordering experience for customers who prefer to place their orders with an employee. By reducing the number of overall phone orders a restaurant receives, an Online Ordering System facilitates shorter wait times - and less frustration - for those customers who do still like to order over the phone or in-person.

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