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Online Ordering: Part 1

In the new digital economy, more and more restaurants are integrating an Online Ordering System into their business. While consumers have come to expect - and even take for granted online ordering capabilities, restaurant owners are increasingly realising how adding a Point of Sale system to their website not only enhances customer experience but sets up their business for significant growth by directly affecting sales. Here are two examples of how Online Ordering systems can be an advantage to your business:

man using his phone to order food online

Expanded Reach

An Online Ordering System enables customers to view your menu, services, products or events at all times from virtually any location where there is a phone signal or Wi-Fi connection. In this way an Online Ordering System also enables your restaurant to continue operating outside business hours. Customers can be given the flexibility to place an order whenever it suits them by simply scheduling a preferred pickup or delivery time within your restaurant's working hours.

Boosted Digital Media Presence

Research shows that the majority of consumers utilise the Internet as a search tool when deciding on where to eat. By providing an Online Ordering System, you open your business to the benefits of gaining and maintaining your customers' attention through SEM, SEO, Facebook Ads and Social Media Platforms to name a few. Indeed, Online Ordering Systems are tailor-made to enhance your social media presence. By adding a "share", "tweet" or "like" option to a customer's online order form, your business is offered a means of viral marketing as the customer becomes an ambassador for your brand. And by connecting your Online Ordering platform to social media you can further benefit from the free advertising it affords through posting updates about your menu, services, events or merchandise.

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