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OrderMate and Deliverect have partnered to build a reliable two-way integration to connect online order platforms to your POS. This helps hospitality operators save time, reduce labour costs, eliminate double handling, and increase revenue.

UberEats, Deliveroo, Doordash & Menulog
...and many more!
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CTB AND CO. has a range of cloud-based programs that deliver critical operational and management information to businesses in the hospitality industry.

At CTB AND CO., their range of products include Cooking the Books, Drinking the Profits, Invoice Ripper, Keeping it Cool, Portion Pocket and Shifty Business.

Their software platforms are designed to provide businesses with financial control by delivering detailed insights into managing food and beverage costs, stock control, recipe cards and costings, sales and revenue data, electronic ordering, invoicing and menu & beverage development. Their programs provide the ability to transfer all information electronically from or to other systems including accounting and POS systems; preventing wasted time on manual data entry!

For CTB AND CO, their vision is to create a completely streamlined management system for the hospitality industry.

How we work together

With the OrderMate + Cooking the Books’ one-way integration, you will truly understand your live food costs at the click of a button. Enjoy the ability to sync stock levels accurately within Cooking the Books by decrementing from sales generated in your OrderMate Point of Sale system.