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Cooking the Books

Run your business better with OrderMate and Cooking the Books by streamlining kitchen management systems, modernising processes and lowering operating costs for the hospitality industry.

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CTB AND CO. are a hospitality platform that connects technology and data into food and beverage operations - to create a seamless workflow that is consistent, sustainable and profitable.

Their key solutions focus on tendering and price updates, menu and recipe card management, inventory and costing, invoice extraction and detailed reporting insights. Their programs and products include Cooking the Books, Drinking the Profits, Invoice Ripper, Keeping it Cool, Sticky Dates and Portion Pockets.

Their hospitality experts, support specialists and chefs provide industry knowledge and tools that are critical for success in running a food & beverage business.

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Access to live food costs.

Sync stock levels and order directly.

Reduce time needed with manual data entry.

Seamless data transfer

Why Cooking the Books?

  • Financial control.
    Gain financial control by delivering detailed insights into managing food and beverage costs, stock control, recipe cards and costings, sales and revenue data, electronic ordering, invoicing and menu & beverage development.
  • Tendering.
    CTB gives limited back-end access to suppliers allowing them to enter the pricing for tender items. Once they are finished it is updated in your CTB tender document. All your suppliers have the ability to do this, allowing all their prices to be seen in one place saving you the time-consuming and tedious task of doing it yourself.
  • Smart integrations.
    CTB partner with other smart integrations such as MYOB and Xero. Their programs provide the ability to transfer all information electronically from or to other systems preventing wasted time on manual data entry!
  • CTB predictor.
    The predictor monitors past and present expenditures to create an end-of-month forecast of gross profit. This informs you in real time when to adjust your costs so there are no surprises at the end of the month.
  • Direct ordering.
    With the click of a button, internal processes are made efficient and cost-effective by connecting orders, invoicing and kitchen management directly.
  • Food cost limits.
    Food cost limits can be set per recipe. If a stock item's price changes and exceeds your set limit you get notified allowing you to easily adjust your menu pricing as needed.
  • Make or buy analysis.
    The make or buy analysis compares costs associated with making a product vs. buying it ready-made. This helps your chefs make decisions about what is the best value for your business.
  • Recipe management.
    Plan for future menus and functions. CTB allows you to store, cost and print recipe cards and cost sheets, get nutritional values for recipes and formulate equipment lists.
  • Stocktake.
    Create send and check your orders directly on your iPad with CTB. Stocktakes can be inserted directly into the system allowing comprehensive reports to be generated instantly.
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How we work together

OrderMate and Cooking the Books’ one-way integration, enables you to truly understand your live food costs at the click of a button. Enjoy the ability to sync stock levels accurately within CTB by decrementing from sales generated in your OrderMate Point of Sale system.

  • Seamless integration of data.
    The program provides the ability to transfer all information electronically from OrderMate to Cooking the Books; preventing wasted time with manual data entry!