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How OrderMate 3.0 gives you the power of insights at your fingertips

Knowing that your time is precious, our development team is always busy trying to bring advanced features to the OrderMate software so you can have the freedom to do more while minimising your time and effort.

Introducing OrderMate 3.0

The latest version of the software – OrderMate 3.0 is quite simply the smarter and sleeker version of OrderMate and is being rolled-out to all our customers in July 2019.

Advanced Cloud Reporting

We understand that the reports generated through the software are crucial to decisions you make regarding daily operation, menus and business growth amongst many others. But these decisions don’t necessarily get made while you are logged into OfficeMate.

With its advanced cloud reporting feature, OrderMate 3.0 now gets you access to all of these amazing reports through the Control Centre app, anytime, anywhere. It gives you the power of insights at your fingertips helping you stay in control, always.

2021 UPDATE:

Whether you're managing a new, established, or franchise hospitality business, there are numerous benefits to access POS data in real-time. Hear from our venues on why they find live POS data useful!

Convenient PDF Format

Wait, there's more! All the existing reports will now be delivered to you in a convenient and easy to read PDF format (yes, reading and analysing the data gets so much easier!). Similarly, any new report that will be added to the library in future will automatically be delivered to you in PDF format too.

New look WaiterMate and OfficeMate

New UI screenshots for OrderMate 3.0

WaiterMate UI

We’ve just given the home screen of WaiterMate a makeover! While the rest of WaiterMate remains the same, we’ve modernised the experience at the home screen which is the most visible aspect of WaiterMate, so that the users and customers at venue can enjoy a refreshed look and feel. Over a period of time, the entire experience will be enhanced.

OfficeMate UI

Along with WaiterMate, there are several aspects of OfficeMate that have received a facelift too. These include the login, welcome, navigation and toolbar of officemate, while the older states have also been modernised to maintain a consistent and standardised experience throughout.

Introducing HungryHungry

Online ordering, at the Table, Pick-up and Delivery

Unlike any other POS solution in the market, OrderMate 3.0 gives you the edge to make additional profits with its ability to seamlessly integrate with its unique online ordering solution - previously known as OrderMate Online.

Check out what the guys from YOMG burgers have to say about HungryHungry in the video below:

The guys from YOMG burgers

If you'd like to know more about these solutions, get in touch with our Sales Consultant here.

2021 UPDATE:

The state-of-the-art online ordering platform is now operated and developed by our integrated partner HungryHungry. To help you manage your digital ordering platform for pick-up, delivery, and contactless table ordering, we have put together a Digital Ordering Success Kit on our recommended best practices so that you can be set up for success.

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