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Control Centre v5

This week we released the latest version of Control Centre.

2021 UPDATE:

There has been an increasing number of hospitality owners and operators relying on our ControlCentre App to revolutionise how they run their business. Whether you are managing a new, established, or franchise hospitality business, there are numerous benefits to access POS data in real-time. Hear from our venues on why they find live POS data useful!

The latest version of the App features the venues most recent customer reviews from Google and Yelp. This added functionality within Control Centre enables operators to oversee their customer feedback and respond accordingly.

If you have never used Control Centre before and don't know what it is all about - get excited!

Control Centre provides cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs with real time monitoring of sales and enables operators to make staffing and ordering decisions on the fly.

Rather than logging onto the Back of House software, pulling reports, and comparing the figures. Control Centre provides an instant comparison with the current sales figures relative to the same time last week or last month giving an extremely accurate snapshot of how business is tracking.

“Being able to use Control Centre when not on site gives me a quick and accurate snapshot of how we are tracking for the day / week / month. I find it to be a very handy tool”, says Matt Hunt, Managing Director of The Village Melbourne.

Wherever the user may be- in the office, at home or even on holidays – they can login and keep their finger on the pulse. Control Centre is available on all devices- smartphone, tablet or desktop, through a web App.

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