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Control Center App

These days we expect a restaurateur to be like an octopus with eight arms and multitasking every minute of the day. Especially in this extremely difficult economic time where costs are tight - how do operators juggle their work life balance whilst staying in control of their hospitality venues?

2021 UPDATE:

There has been an increasing number of hospitality venues relying on the ControlCentre App to make faster and wiser business decisions. Whether you are managing a new, established, or franchise hospitality business, there are numerous benefits to access POS data in real-time. Hear from our venues on why they find live POS data useful!

We have listened to our customers and understand that this is a unanimous pain across the board of restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and cafes. After having spoken to many owners and operators who, at times, oversee more than five venues and want to keep their finger on the pulse with each and not spend hours in their car commuting and pulling off Z reports from the till.

We have developed a live mobile reporting App – Control Centre. With the click of a button on a smart phone, operators can see their live sales for the day, week and month with comparisons relative to the previous period. As well as dollar value of surcharges, discounts, no sales and deletions. All questions that usually come up in the monthly Profit and Loss meeting can be asked and attended to promptly with real time data.

"With technology continually advancing, we want our software to remain current and innovative" says Product Manager, Scott Fox. The Control Centre App is available on smart phones (Apple, Android and Windows) excusively to customers on a Care Plan. Michael Verga, owner/operator of South Melbourne Trader, has been one of the first trial venues to use the new Control Centre App. He says, "I am now able to keep my finger on the pulse which is important for operators like me who aren't always at the venue 24/7."

For those of you who showed interest in our Control Centre App in the February newsletter, you will be receiving an email shortly.

For more information on the Control Centre App or on our Customer Care Plans – feel free to call us on 1300 667 067 or email us at

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