Our Specialities

We provide the hospitality industry with the most outstanding package on the market. Utilising cutting edge technology in conjunction with our market leading software makes our solution a product we know you will want to tell your colleagues about.

One solution that does it all

Our solution is like a one stop shop for operators who want it all but don’t want the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers. OrderMate Point of Sale is at the focal point of your business and offers you everything you need to efficiently run your business from day to day as well as the tools to help you grow your business for the long-term. It is the best investment you will ever make.

Train your staff. The easy way

Training new staff on a POS system can be time consuming and disruptive to say the least. High staff turnover is an inevitable factor within the hospitality industry. Our solution enable operators to train new staff members in under 5 min. It is that intuitive and easy to use. Once you implement OrderMate into your business, you staff and managers will thank you. And trust us – you will never look back.

The Future in POS

Offering our customers the latest technology available to the industry is something we take pride in.

With our solution constantly evolving and integrating with the latest innovations on the market, we aim to keep our product in front of the pack. We want our customers to maximize the longevity of their investment with OrderMate and know that they have a solution that always be up to date and will never become obsolete.

Control Centre

Out of the venue. Not out of the loop. Operators these days want to stay in control of business whilst also wanting to have time to enjoy life. Our Control Centre App allows operators to keep their finger on the pulse without spending 24/7 in the venue. The App is available on Smart Phone, Tablet and Desktop – giving operators up to the minute sales figures right in the palm of your hand. By pulling live data directly from the POS, operators can now be in control wherever they may be in the world.


OrderMate integrate with the industry leaders in the market. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we develop long term relationships with our APP partners to ensure we give our customers the best possible solution. APPS amplify our complete solution and make running a hospitality business a breeze. Every application utilises our high end data and ensures you make the most of your software.