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OrderMate point of sale

What's New: Version 2.8.26

Our development team has been working hard to bring some exciting new features and functionality into the OrderMate software and solution.

ordermate control center app screens

First up some new integrations to talk about. Deputy: It is a new payroll and timesheets integration solution that assists operators with scheduling staff into the shifts. Watch this short video to understand how it all works: Deputy. Our integration collates the sales data relative to the amount of hours works by staff scheduled for the shift as well as the staff who actually work the shift. The integration is automatically pulls the sales from OrderMate once it has been setup.

My LocalFoodie: It is a 100% Australian company specialising in helping food businesses become more profitable by reducing buying costs and providing tools and services for accurate menu and recipe costing. Operators cost their menus using the Cost-i-mator to engineer a menu that takes into account all ingredients and recipes so it can automatically each plate of food up to date. Our integration with them works to export lives sales data on whatever items are sold to give a solid evaluation of the profit made on each plate sold. Also assists when deciding how much to charge per plate by double checking costs. This allows chefs to focus on what they do best, creating great meals with quality ingredients from properly costed recipes.

Another aspect to touch on is our bi-lingual printing and general additional functionality to our printing which assist with kitchens working better together!

  • For kitchen staff who speak a language other than English our solution will be able to print in both English and the Chinese or Arabic. Provided that a suitable printer is available the printing will be a simple reconfiguration. This is fantastic for operators who are looking to expand their business to other countries around the world.
  • Indent arrows appear for items or components within a combo. This now makes it really easy for chefs to visualize all the items that need to be made within the respective combo.
  • Quantity Multiplier which shows a “x” between the quantity and item or combo name. This helps the chefs know exactly how many of each combo that need to be made per docket. This will also help with timing of orders for kitchens who use printer notifiers.

In our latest version we have applied some functionality for operators who hire staff with disabilities. When giving change the software will now break down what the actual change the staff member will have to return to the customer will be, assuming you have all the relevant coins and notes in the cash drawer. Refer to the 9 News article which explains the full story behind Chancez Cafe.

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