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What's New: OrderMate Version 2.8.23

Back at OrderMate HQ, our development team have been busy bees getting the latest software version out to our fellow OrderMaters.

It is jam packed full of fun features and fierce functionality.

Here are some of the major areas of development in version 2.8.23:

  • Improvements in the printer and Kitchen Touch Screen workflow processing and speed.
  • RestaurantDiary Integration - for more information on how it works click here. Improvements to the RestaurantDiary integration means that more information is being sent between OrderMate and RestaurantDiary, improving the flow of service and guest experience.
  • Improvements to the Online Ordering interface: Integration partners can now include item notes from customers when their online order is place PLUS an ETA for the order can be requested by the online integration partners to inform customers when their delivery or pickup order will be ready.
  • KTS running off iPads: OrderMate has introduced KTS to be running on iPads mounted in the kitchen or near the coffee machine for the barista or chef to bump orders off once they have been made.
  • Printing of multiple debtor invoices : In OfficeMate, it is now possible to select multiple debtors across a date range and print out all of the invoices in one action. This will save time by not needing to go through each debtor to check if there are any invoices for this specific date range.

Coming up in the next version?

  • Auto surcharges for delivery zones: Operators with delivery options will be able to assign a variable charge depending on which delivery zone a street is located. This will be applied when the order is taken.
  • Gift Vouchers: Customers will be able to purchase a voucher of any amount, and then redeem either part, all or multiple vouchers on a future sale.

Keep your ear to the ground as VERY exciting features are on their way towards the end of 2015. Stay tuned to our Online Helpdesk for informative videos and how to guides on all things OrderMate.

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