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Doshii & OrderMate


Get your hospo apps talking to OrderMate with Doshii. So you have more time to do what you do best. Save time, reduce labour costs, and streamline your venue operation

UberEats, Doordash, Tanda
...and many more!
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About Doshii

Doshii’s integration with apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Chewzie, Tanda, Deputy and more - enables merchants to integrate their hospitality platforms seamlessly into their OrderMate POS system.

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Send to OrderMate POS in a flash. Automatically send orders to the kitchen and serve customers faster.

A clean, calm counter. Remove clutter and undue stress by managing all your apps and menus in one place.

Turn the tables in your favour. Create efficiencies, increase revenue and identify new sales channels.

Apps for all appetites. Australia’s largest range of industry-leading hospo apps.


Why Doshii?

  • More time and fewer mistakes.
    Once the Doshii and app integration is complete and a venue’s menu has been set up with Doshii’s Menu Management tool, orders go straight to a venue’s OrderMate POS. Venues save on labour costs as there’s no need to re-enter orders from the ordering platform into the POS – it’s one and done! 

  • Connect your POS to apps with Doshii – pronto!
    When the customer’s OrderMate POS connection is complete, and the integrated menu is built, Doshii will map the venues existing app menus right to their OrderMate POS – once they’re satisfied, we’ll push it live. 

  • Menu management is easy as pie.
    With Doshii's Menu Management tool, once a venues integrated menu has been set up - it’s easy as pie to view and manage online ordering menus (like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Skip and more) in one place.

How we work together

Doshii gets your hospo apps talking to your OrderMate POS.

  • Get your apps talking to OrderMate POS.
    Doshii's technology seamlessly integrates hospitality apps to your POS. For venues that means less double-handling, admin and confusion and more time to do what they do best. For their customers, it means a more satisfying and seamless experience.
  • Doshii embedded marketplace.
    Login to the OrderMate portal to view the range of apps available via Doshii to connect to your POS.