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The Operator vs Stock Control Challenge

Stock takes will never again be a dreading and grueling process that only happens once a year. OrderMate is proud to announce our new stock control software for 2014 – StockMate.

2021 UPDATE:

OrderMate's stock control system makes inventory management simple and easy. It can add significant value to your business. Find out the key features and how our inventory management system works!

StockMate is an application that can be downloaded from the app store on an iPhone or iPod touch. With the addition of a Linea Pro rugged scanner case, you can scan the barcodes of items and add them to your stock-take with a simple and easy process.

The new software has a search functionality which enables stocktaking to be a much quicker process when looking for items in different categories. Finally, there is no need to worry about WIFI dropout zones whilst doing stock-take in the freezer or down in the cellar. StockMate allows for stock-takes to be done offline and once completed can be sent to OfficeMate.

We understand that Stock Control is a crucial element of running a successful operation and as a result we have worked to produce one of the best software packages on the market – StockMate.

(The StockMate app can run on a minimum iPhone 4S and a minimum ioS 7)

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