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Supporting the Local Community

A number of OrderMate venues around Victoria do some pretty amazing things to help the wider community around them. Each of these venues below takes an active role in terms of their social responsibility. Incorporating a not for profit component to their businesses enables them to tell a story about their business – who they are and what they represent. In a similar note, customers like to be a part of something bigger than just ordering a standard coffee and getting on with their day. Below is a brief description of some of the amazing work these venues are doing for their wider café. We encourage you to show your support to them and the organisations they contribute to.


Established in 2010 : 673 Bourke St, Melbourne (Across from Southern Cross Station)

Kinfolk is a café, a social enterprise, an events venue and a community! Serving up coffee and a seasonal menu crafted from local and sustainable produce, they are a business driven by a dedicated team of volunteers. Since opening they have contributed 100% of profits to their charity partners both locally and abroad. You can visit their website at to view the charity partners that Kinfolk have contributed towards. For more information on upcoming events or to get involved go to KinfolkCafe Facebook page.

Fosters Place

Established in 2007 : 24 Foster Street, Maffra

Fosters Place enables people with a disability the opportunity to access employment in the fields of hospitality and property management. Their aim is to introduce employees to their chosen field and assist them to achieve to a standard that may eventually lead to open employment. Foster Place is funded by the Federal Government in line with the Disability Services Standards.

Tradeblock Café at Victorian College of the Deaf

Established in 2008 : 597 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Tradeblock café is a fully operational café run by students at the Victorian College for the Deaf as part of their VCAL program. Patrons can order their coffee and food with the assistance of the Tradeblock Cafe app, a library of videos that teach customers how to order using sign language. Amanda Joyce, the café’s founder believes that there is a significant lack of work opportunities for deaf people in Melbourne and encourages employers at other cafes to be more open-minded about hiring a deaf person. “There is government funding for interpreter support, wage subsidies, a lot of incentives,” she says. (Broadsheet) Although for some people the idea of ordering in Auslan (sign language) may be a little bit overwhelming and may take slightly longer than if it were just verbatim – it is all part of the fun of dining at Tradeblock café.

District 3429

Established in 2015 : 91 O'shanassy St, Sunbury

Ami Tran the restaurateur of District 3429 is working in conjunction with the Ostara Australia employment agency, just meters away from her Sunbury site. The agency specialises in helping find work for people with intellectual disabilities and mental health issues. Many of the workers have trained and completed shifts in their other restaurant in Moone Ponds, before being in the initial staff at District 3429. Ms Tran said, “If you give these guys an opportunity, and place them in an environment and in a role that suits them and makes the most of their talents, it can help your business” Herald Sun. Ami and her team are really doing great things for the local community and this reflects positively on the business for the long-term.

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