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OrderMate point of sale

Software Feature in Focus

Royal Stacks is our customer in focus, most recently opening their second site in Brunswick after the success of their premier location on Collins St in the heart of the CBD. The flow of service is as follows: patrons ordering their meal at the counter can then wander through the venue past the open kitchen to see the chefs hustling to prepare the burgers a la minute. The kitchen operates with the help of our Kitchen Touch Screen (KTS) system which is linked with the main Point of Sale solution. Once the staff place the order, rather than printing out a docket in the kitchen, it appears on the KTS screen. Chefs have the ability to move and bump dockets according their needs plus have the added option of striking out items that have been completed and are ready for deliver to the pick up station. During peak periods the kitchen gets slammed and there was a need to divide up the kitchen into two teams. The KTS dockets appear on the screen as either a red or blue docket, in alternating order. This helps the kitchen crew get through busy periods with ease, enables the team to focus on their relevant colour dockets and ultimately produce twice as many burgers. Divide and conquer!

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