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Social Media in Hospitality

In this day and age, people are attached at the hip to their Smart Phones. Whether we like it or not, applications like Instagram, Facebook and Urbanspoon dictate what, where and when we eat.

So what has changed and what do hospitality operators need to do to get their venue in the mix when it comes to diners keen to find the next great venue?

First of all, hospitality operators need to open the channels of communication. By setting up these accounts early on (sometimes even a few months out prior to opening) and linking them to the urbanspoon account and website, customers can join you in your journey to opening.

“The benchtop has just been installed – Thanks @FantasticBenchtopsAU” or “Our new @WEGA is in the house – not long before we start pouring your daily cuppa joe.”

The more customers engage with you before opening the more likely they are to be the first ones who dine at your venue once opened. They have invested time and emotion in your journey and the best thing you can do is get them to share it with their own personal community.

The humble “Insta snap” by an influential Instagram-mer or a post by a food blogger can escalate your venue from being barely known to the place on everyone lips saying “have you been there yet?”

Social media is driven by the idea that people who go out and do things want to share their experience with their social network whether it’s their friends, family or those who share in their common interest. Posting photos of food, customers enjoying their meal, chefs working away in the kitchen and new staff members are all great ways for customers to identify with your venue compared to your competitors – especially if you are the only one in the suburb or area doing social media.

With this ever evolving web of communication where you are essentially “unknown” if you are not on-board, it can be overwhelming or bigger than Ben Herr.

Below are some links to help you get on board the social media train in a jiffy.

Link 1: Restaurant Brands Social Media Success

Link 2: Top 10 Social Media Tips for a New Venue

For venues looking to learn more about social media, OrderMate will be hosting a Social Media Seminar in May that will give you the tools and tips to get your platforms up and running. If you would like to attend our upcoming seminar drop us a line at

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