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OrderMate point of sale

#snapapos Snap-a-POS and you could win a $50 GoodFood voucher

On a daily basis we get told by people in the industry, that we keep seeing OrderMate around. Even people who don't know what 'POS' is, thinking it is reference to the old chat room acronym 'Parent Over Shoulder', seem to recognise the logo. So we want to put our readers and OrderMate constituents to the test by #snapapos.

Next time you walk past a RED terminal with the OrderMate login screen - we want you to:

  1. Take a picture
  2. Upload it to Instagram or Facebook
  3. Tag us to the photo
  4. Use #snapapos as part of the image caption to go into the running to win a $50 GoodFood voucher

Whether you are in a pub in Daylesford next weekend, in a cafe along Bondi Beach or even on the ferry between Sorrento and Queenscliff (yes we are on the ferries, true story) take a snap of the POS and we would love to see the where our OrderMaters can be found all around Australia.

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