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OrderMate Software Version 2.8.19

Another software version has just been released, OrderMate software Version 2.8.19. Packed FULL of great features that will boost our solution out of the park.

Advancement to our Kitchen Touch Screen (KTS) solution

A summary panel is now available on the KTS, which can now give chefs and baristas a quick synopsis of both Live and Held dockets.

At any point in the day you can get a live summary of how many items or orders have been made.

The summary can be displayed by category grouping – giving your prep team the ability to diligently complete items collectively.

Delivery orders will now show the delivery address of the order in the KTS docket on the screen.

Advancements to the Online Ordering Menu

It is now possible to hide pluses, minuses and options (for instance like see waiter and dressing on the side) in the online ordering menu. By ticking the relevant items and specifications as “available online” these will appear on the online ordering menu and subsequently removing any irrelevant aspects.

Cool New Feature

We have now enabled the option to NOT kick the cash drawer when certain payment types are used to complete a transaction, for instance credit cards and EFTPOS. This will increase the level of cash security in your business and cash drawer is ONLY opened when it is necessary to deposit or withdraw cash.

Our beneficial software upgrades are available to all businesses currently on an OrderMate Support Plan. If you are not currently on a plan but would like more information on them email

For more information on this software version or any versions previous go to

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