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OrderMate Australia Wide: June 2015

What an epic past six months it has been. The months are literally flying by. New hospitality businesses have been cropping up all around Australia and OrderMate has been on board some of the nation’s best.


Boilermaker House
700 whiskies. There is definitely not a shortage of options at the newly opened Boilermaker House. A Boilermaker, otherwise known as the bartender's best friend, is a beer served with a nip of whisky. Couldn’t think of anything more perfect for this winter period night cap. Special mention to Jack Scotti who has taken out the title of Australia’s 2015 ‘Bartender of the Year’ at the grand finals of the Diageo World Class Competition.

Source: The Thousands


Lucio’s Pizzeria
Earlier this month, Lucio opened his second site in the heart of Zetland some eight year after opening in Darlinghurt. Find traditional pizza made with fresh Italian ingredients and true love showcasing food from the Campania region and Southern Italy. As well as an array of meats and cheeses that will transport you back to the home country.

Source: Nikki To


Twelve Boar
American style BBQ can be found right in the heart of Cleaveland. Named astutely after the length of time it takes to get the boar to be falling apart, full of juice and loaded with from the smoke. Twelve long hours. If that’s not love for the product and dedication to the craft – I don’t know what is. Ribs, wings and all things finger licking good can be found at Rick’s Twelve Boar.


Waffle King
Waffles, crepe and fondue – Oh my. Waffle King first evolved when the founder, Antonino Malvetti couldn’t find traditional waffles in Adelaide. Originally from Belgium, eating waffles on the streets was commonplace – he sought out to satisfy his nostalgic waffle cravings. From small beginning a wholesale business gradually emerged which supplied frozen waffles to cafes and other outlets around Adelaide. Earlier this year, they opened Waffle King in Glenelg – the first site for a potential growing franchise.

Kenneth Bertram, manager at Waffle King likes how quick and easy it is to make changes to the Back of House, updating in real time. They also installed three large digital screens that help us tell the Waffle King story. “Digital signage enables us to make changes on the fly and it will give us merit moving forward. Not as much manual”.

Take your seat and join in the waffle feast.

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