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New in the world of Coupons

Away with the hundreds of paper and plastic cards that are weighing your wallet down. No more fumbling in the queue for your loyalty card to get your complementary 10th coffee. Digital E-Coupons is set to be the future in loyalty programs – whereby you can send direct messages to your members electronically via email or SMS. According to Stretching a Buck blog “the popularity of these types of coupons is likely to grow in the future. They save both time and paper which are both big pluses”.

The digital nature of these coupons enable the capability to impose conditions of time and frequency on the coupons usage for instance; Egg and Bacon roll + Orange Juice = $15 can only be redeemed - one per member and only during breakfast and lunch time periods. Whilst with standard coupons it is sometime difficult to track and monitor and may result in loss of revenue.

Non-members can also be involved in this exciting digital e-coupon revolution. They can generate a one off QR code which staff can scan and apply as a discount. One of the overarching benefits to Digital E-Coupons is that it allows operators to pull some really insightful reporting. Management can drill down into who, when and how many members used the coupons. Each coupon has a unique identification number that can be easily tracked. This information can then be used to direct specific marketing to customers who are active involved in their loyalty and those who aren’t – which will hopefully keep the customers coming through the doors.

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