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How to Increase Restaurant Sales

Restaurants are sprouting out of nowhere and operators are moving heaven and earth to boost sales and see a return on their investment. But as you're probably aware, boosting sales can be quite a challenge nowadays since there is so much competition out there. And now it seems as if there's this constant pressure to attract more customers in the soonest time possible. This is all good and well, but how do restaurant owners manage if they don't have the luxury of time on their hands?  This article aims to elaborate a couple of profit-enhancing strategies that once applied, can not only help increase sales but save you more time.

Zero-in on online ordering

A significant number of consumers prefer getting their favourite food delivered to their house instead of dining out. That being said, if you’re not venturing into the online ordering world, then you’re losing a huge percentage of the market. In fact, in Australia, many establishments that use them report increased profits. How is this achieved? You ask. Simple. By increasing order sizes, boosting customer loyalty, broadening their audience and enhancing efficiency, among others. Plus, once your online ordering website is up and running, orders can come directly through to your POS. Which in return will minimise wait times, phone orders and the annoyance of lost receipts.

Turn to social media

Do you know that your existing customers can be your biggest campaigners? Since they can promote your restaurant or café through their social media accounts. In line with this, it's safe to say that social media is arguably the strongest form of advertising. Take note that in 2017, Facebook and Instagram have approximately 2 billion and 700 international million users, respectively. Putting this factor into consideration, it pays to invest in a social media campaign. If you choose this route, regularly upload mouth-watering pictures of your food and post the odd tasty special that your followers can't ignore. Of you have an online ordering website, even better. Include a link to your ordering website and direct traffic there.  Such straightforward tasks can go a long way.

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Adapt to technology

From online ordering, smart gadgets, mobile apps, self-service solutions and artificial intelligence - technology has drastically changed the hospitality sector and continues to do wonders for it. It's no surprise really, since technology is designed to make things easier and consumers love the convenience that it brings. Most technology used in restaurants can speed up certain procedures and in turn, improves the customer experience. Which, eventually, contributes to the success of your restaurant. We live in a digital world where customers are hooked to their gadgets, so it's best to tap into this channel if you want to achieve your short-term and long-term goals. For the restaurant owners and their staff, a modern POS system can streamline operations and give you access to important data, which in return will help you avoid unnecessary inventory costs and put your money towards things that will MAKE you money.

Set up a Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty is a priceless asset that helps establish a business for the long term. A customer may go to an establishment which provides amazing food and exceptional service, but it is the customers loyalty to the venue that ensures repeat business. If you haven’t set up a loyalty program then you are missing out on sales, because 83% of customers say loyalty programs can influence them to make a buying decision. Loyalty programs can help improve your brand recognition, increase growth and improve customer service.

Employ the right prices

Rather than employing menu prices in a heartbeat, you need to carefully analyse them before making a decision. Along the way, take note of the food cost and how it can meet the budget of your target market. For instance, if your target market is college students, then your rates ought to be on the affordable price range. But if it’s the more affluent crowd, then you can maintain higher rates.

Summing up

These are only some of the most practical ways on how you can increase restaurant sales. By employing them, you can achieve your monetary goals and grow your business. Who knows? In time, you could be the next success story in the hospitality sector.

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