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Hogs Express Implements Enhanced Ordering Technology for Customers

Building a business model to support digital innovation, The Hogs Australia Chain are increasingly looking for quick, accessible and great cost effective options to keep up with their customer demand. That’s why their new Quick Service Restaurant aptly-titled 'Hogs Express' in the heart of Brisbane CBD is enhancing their operations with the latest in point of sale, including online and self-ordering kiosks.

Custom-designed by OrderMate, the new kiosk ordering technology allows customers to place their orders directly at the counter via an intuitive and easy-to-use touch screen interface, speeding up the ordering process and prompting users to make additional purchases. The same goes for The Hogs Express’ Online Ordering Platform, allowing customers to make orders and direct payments online via their own devices, before dining-in or picking up their order in-store.

CEO and Co-Founder of OrderMate Shannon Hautot says Hogs Express is one of the first restaurants in Australia who have implemented the self-ordering solution, and it’s only a matter of time before the mass-market will adopt these new technologies.

“Consumers have long enjoyed personalised and engaging automated transactions in the retail sector,” says Shannon.

“As they continue to become more technologically savvy, they are expressing greater interest in self-service technologies in their dining experiences, too.”

Hogs Express for restaurants burger and fries

For the Hogs Express restaurant itself, staff are now able to reallocate time previously spent taking orders, shifting the focus to a delivering a better quality product and improved dining service.

In related news, Hog’s Australia’s Steakhouse announced earlier this year that it was moving into the mobile food industry after 28 years running traditional restaurants.

It’s fair to say the Hogs Australia Chain is taking every opportunity to strengthen operations and experiment with new and innovative ways of enhancing customer experience.

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