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Future Proofing your Business: NBN and VoIP Caller ID

Ready to move over to the NBN? Is your suburb shortly being rolled out?

OrderMate software now supports VoIP (Voice over IP) Caller ID. As the NBN is being rolled out, the copper network as well as the standard analog phone lines are being replaced by improved digital phone lines which enable VoIP Caller ID.

To see when your suburb is being rolled out with the NBN go to: NBN Rollout Map

What is Caller ID?

It is a piece of hardware that transmits the callers number to the OrderMate software during the ringing signal, so when the staff member picks up the phone it registers vital information that is in your business database – the customers address, last order and name. Within 10 seconds you can place the regular order for your customer.

For more information on a VOIP Caller ID box or Caller ID in general go to or send an email to

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