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OnePlate - Combatting World Hunger

OnePlate is an Australian charity and social enterprise that partners with restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars to fund sustainable food projects in developing countries. Launched in Melbourne earlier on this year and completely run by volunteers the main objective of OnePlate is to address the persistent undernourishment amongst the world’s most vulnerable.

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Rather than providing communities with ongoing feeding programs, locals engage with the tools and training required to develop their own self-sustainable food production. Access to nutrition improve health, education and livelihood outcomes of the entire community.

How it works graphics from OnePlate's website

The OnePlate model is simple. Just nominate one menu item and each time that dish is ordered, $1 is donated to OnePlate to help fund long-term, sustainable food programs for impoverished children and communities in developing countries. The amount you raise is tax deductible as a business expense.

In a recent survey, nearly 90% of consumers were more likely to choose businesses with social or environmental credentials. As hospitality businesses become more socially conscious, OnePlate offers you a ready-made way to show you care. Here is a link to the list of venues who have already signed up.

It is a simple, powerful way for hospitality businesses to attract growing numbers of socially conscious consumers, and combat world hunger, one plate at a time.

Signing up is free and simple. Click the link to become a partner today.

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