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Cafe 51 and The Tower of Power Challenge

Come this Saturday the 9th of May – the ultimate burger challenge is taking place. The Tower of Power challenge.

For the past 8 months – the team at OrderMate having been making the weekly and sometime daily pilgrimage to Café 51. Currenlty aware of the peak periods and v-lining there before the midday lunch rush. Some of the burgers like the Juicy Lucy and the CFK have been on the lips of our team both verbally and physically with the burger remains on the corners of their mouths.

Contestants need to complete 20 x 150g patties on a custom triple decker bun with 20 slices of cheese. That’s some serious tower of meat and cheese! First contestant to finish this TOWER wins.

At OrderMate we not only love to eat their burgers but we are proudly sponsoring this Tower of Power Challenge and we encourage the burger lovers and pioneers to enter the competition.

Register online via or in store.

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