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Online Ordering + Pos

Special Features


Delivery made easy. Become the best local food supplier in the area. Promote the zones you deliver to and add an additional delivery charge to those suburbs out of the zone. The integration with online maps enables customers to quickly identify their zone status.

Delivery Heat Map

Our software enables operators to drill down into the data. Identify pockets of popularity and areas of opportunity. By heat mapping the areas you currently service you are able to strategically identify other regions of customers who may not know about your offerings and market to them accordingly. This is a great way to strategically build your customer database from the ground up.

Driver Tracking

Once the order has been processed, customers have the opportunity to track their order from oven straight to your front door. This process gives the customer complete assurance in the ordering process and establishes immediate satisfaction even before they have opened their delivery.

Multi Platform

The ordering platform is completely responsive across all devices. Optimised whether you are placing your ordering on a smartphone or desktop PC. Your customers will encounter a premium ordering experience even before they submit their order.

Customisable Menu Design

Adapt the look and feel of OrderMate Online to that of your brand ensuring overall consistency across all brand platforms. Give your customers the perception that they are on your own online ordering site rather than a third party.


Doughboy has been using Order Mate for well over 7 years. We feel the team at Order Mate has always exceeded our expectations with regard to stability, adaptability and flexibility. At each stage of a new store opening, the order mate team has been an integrate part of our planning and execution. Order Mate seem to always move forward with solutions in the ever changing needs of the QSR Retailing. From KDS configurations, to Menu Changes to Customer Communications we always feel confident that Order Mate can deliver our demanding needs.
- Doughboys Pizza, Bondi