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4 Multi-site POS Features Your Franchise Can't Afford to Ignore

Running a restaurant franchise business can be hard work no matter what type of product or service you sell. You’re putting your time, money and every ounce of energy you have behind not one site, but multiple, and it can sometimes feel very overwhelming, especially in the beginning. That's why choosing the right Multi-Site Point of Sale (POS) system is crucial for the growth and success of your franchise business. Unlike a POS for independent restaurants, A Multi-site POS system offers an array of important features that can help take the time and money out of running multiple stores. 

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Below are 4 Multi-Site POS features to help you and your franchise flourish.

1. Control your menu from one place with Multi-site Menu Management.

A lot of restaurateurs who are controlling multiple sites often wonder about how they can save time updating menu changes across all of their stores. With Multisite Menu Management, you have the ability to adjust the price or name of an item and choose whether you’d like this adjustment reflected across all your venues or just an individual store. Better yet, your item adjustments can be scheduled to take effect at a time that’s convenient for you and your business.

2. Collate valuable customer information.

Clever Franchise Managers know how important it is to keep their customers coming back. That's why it’s a good idea to collect information about your guests. Back in the day, collecting customer information was done manually, often by the person who took the orders over the phone, nowadays, your POS system can automate this entire process for you. Each time your customer orders online from your website, or makes an in-house booking over the web, your POS captures their name and contact details and safety and securely stores this information for you.

What can I do with this information?
Building and maintaining a customer database opens up unlimited opportunities to directly market to your guests. Frequent diner programs, email promotions and SMS campaigns are just a few of the marketing methods you can utilise to keep your guests coming back.

3. Consolidated Reports

For managers to understand the performance of a franchise business, accurate and comprehensive reporting analytics is critical. With a Multi-site POS system, you can simplify the process of collecting and building reports, while uncovering invaluable insights and information. Daily Summaries, audits, stock control, sales and takings; these are just some of the many reports made available in a multi-site POS system. The information gathered from these reports can then be consolidated and refined into impressive visual analytics, so managers can grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns in no time.

With the ability to gather and analyse data from all sources in the business, franchise managers have all the information they need to drive top line growth, bottom line savings and manage risk.

4. Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer Loyalty is a priceless asset that helps establish a business for the long term. A customer may go to an establishment which provides a good quality product or service but it is the customers loyalty to the venue that ensures repeat business. If you haven’t set up a loyalty program then you are missing out on sales, because 83% of customers say loyalty programs can influence them to make a buying decision. Loyalty programs can help improve your brand recognition, increase growth and improve customer service. With Multisite POS, franchises can utilise the integrated Customer Loyalty Program and start to market and track the performance of their customers buying.

Multi-site for Franchise Business

Expanding your business? Franchise concept in the pipeline? Our solution can grow with your business; assisting with head office reporting, multisite menu management as well as multi-site customer loyalty. Find out more.

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