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How To Host a New Year’s Party at Your Bar Or Restaurant

New Year’s Eve is a great opportunity to show off what your bar or restaurant has to offer when it comes to event management. The usually jovial crowds full of excitement for the year ahead make this the ideal time to showcase your bar’s New Years party ideas. Throwing a New Years party does however take some preparation and planning. If you’re not sure how to host the perfect New Years party at your bar or restaurant, use this simple guide to get started.

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Nail the theme

New Years is probably the most celebrated evening in a lot of people’s calendar, and if there is one thing people love, it’s a New Years party with a theme. The first step to hosting your New Years party is to decide on whether you want a theme or not. Try making the theme work with your bar or restaurant so that the concepts don’t clash. Perhaps the theme and decorations celebrate everything unique about your space. Finding the right theme will help move your customers to buy tickets and create a buzz for the event. Take time to think about how your chosen theme will work with other facets of your event, like invitations, menus or decorations.

Run sheet

Hosting a New Years party can be as simple or complex as you like. You may just want a simple cocktail evening event where customers enjoy the bar as it was intended. Alternatively, you may want to spice things up with a seasonal menu, games or live music. Having a drawcard for your event can really boost the demand for tickets, but make sure you have a thorough run sheet to keep track of activities on the night. You’ll thank us later! Ensure your run sheet takes into account pre-event actions like bump in of any equipment or consumables, as well as the actual event activities and entertainment.

Let it be known

Hosting an event isn’t as simple as making a flyer and selling tickets. You’ll need to come up with a comprehensive plan for how your customers and attendees will find out about the event. If you have a website for your bar or restaurant, consider creating a landing page will all the relevant information. Use social media to help spread the word by creating an event page on your business page. Spreading the word across multiple channels and building the right assets to support your event is the best way to reach the largest audience possible. Once you have reached a solid base, then word of mouth can take over somewhat. Be sure to set up the relevant information for buying tickets as well, whether that is an online portal or through your bar or restaurant itself.

Hosting a New Years party at your bar or restaurant is an exciting idea to get behind. There are few dates more enjoyable on the calendar. If you are considering hosting a New Years party at your bar or restaurant, use this guide to help make sure you are celebrating the start of a new business year in real style. Want some ideas on how to ring in the New Year? Contact our OrderMate team today to plan a well-executed event, with all the POS support you need.

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