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Christmas Promotional Ideas for Bars & Restaurants

Christmas is one of the times of the year where almost everyone is ready to celebrate. As a bar or restaurant owner, this kind of festive excitement can be the perfect way to boost your business heading into the end of the year. If you want to capitalise on the Christmas spirit, try implementing one of these promotional ideas at your bar or restaurant.

Make it official

One of the best ways to make the most of the festive season is to offer customers an official party or event at your restaurant or bar. Christmas functions are very popular for those who want to celebrate with friends, work colleagues or with a group of likeminded people. Take your time to create an event that will appeal to your customers. Creating promotional menus, package options and themes will all help attract a healthy crowd to your bar or restaurant. Use a broad array of promotional channels to help get the word out about your event as well, and don’t forget to put up posters in your own venue ahead of time to let customers know.

The gift of Christmas

A lesser-used tactic to help capitalise on bar Christmas ideas is the age-old idea of gift-giving. Try running a secret Santa at your bar or restaurant, or if you are feeling particularly devious you could even consider a bad Santa. Secret Santa’s are a great way to generate some promotion and word of mouth for your restaurant or bar. Set reasonable limits on spending so that all of your customers want to be involved. Once you have a hat full of gift-givers, all you need is an exchange event. These types of exchanges are a great way to get customers in on a night that is usually quiet.

Festive foods

Another great promotional idea to help celebrate Christmas is a themed menu. Christmas is synonymous with unique flavours and foods. Try building out a different menu with those flavours or foods as inspiration. Start with cherries, fruit cakes and seafood, then see where your creativity will take you. Themed menus are a novel way to create a new buzz and signal the start of the Christmas season. Similar to the event though, be sure to advertise your new menu so customers are enticed to come along and try it out. Using social media is always a great place to start, as well as advertising in your own venue as well.

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year where most people are excited about the celebrations and the new year to follow shortly after. As a business owner, taking advantage of that festive excitement can give you an added boost heading into a new year. There are so many ways to help add a little extra promotion at your bar or restaurant during Christmas. For some added excitement, try these simple ideas to help promote Christmas at your bar or restaurant.

If you’re looking for some bar Christmas ideas, contact our OrderMate team and discuss how you can expect a profitable Christmas in your bar or restaurant this year.

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