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Don’t spend hours doing a reconciliation or spend days double checking wage costs. Our back of house software allows no room for error whilst giving operators to the tool to track the performance of their business. With key metric reporting like individual staff performance, daily takings, customer loyalty and history, OrderMate can help you collect data that will improve your overall productivity and efficiency.

Information is a key aspect in the decision-making process of all businesses from a single outlet to the management of a multi-location franchise. OrderMate gives operators the flexibility to select and modify data that will give them the crucial facts they need to run their business effectively.



Analytics is the discovery of meaningful patterns in data. Our Key Performance reports compare day on day, week on week, month on month and even year on year data to give operators the tools to identify trends within their business. These trends can convert potential opportunity into a strategy of business growth for the future.



Head Office reporting is a crucial focal point of any successful franchise operation. Our sophisticated Multisite reporting tool allows head office to actively manage and monitor their franchisees progression. Receive high end analytics from our reporting by comparing stores across the franchise to identify areas of opportunity. Furthermore, using our Multisite Menu Management tool Head Office can roll out monthly promotions or seasonal menus with the click of a button.