Self-Service Kiosks

Improve venue operations and increase profits with the latest in Self-Service Technology. OrderMate Kiosks can be easily mounted and incorporated to suit your store concept, providing the ultimate self ordering experience for your customers.

The Complete Restaurant and QSR Kiosk Solution

OrderMate are continually staying ahead of the curve by offering the Australian Hospitality Industry the best Kiosk Technology on the market.


    We have a reputation of providing excellent support to all of our awesome customers.


    Honed and developed by hospitality professionals specifically for the industry.


    OrderMate are proud to supply our clients with top of the range kiosk technology

Increase profits

Hospitality venues that employ self-service kiosks can expect a 13% increase in average spend per person, with some venues reporting as high as 30 to 37 percent!

Your Brand. Your Flavour.

Self service technology is designed to emotionally engage the end-user in their customer journey, thanks to the captivating graphics in line with your restaurants brand.

Interactive Touch Screen Display

The kiosk interface is presented as an interactive website, inviting your customers to take their time building their meals and being encouraged to purchase additional menu items.


Enhanced Order Accuracy

Our kiosk technology is designed to ensure that even first-timers and non-tech savvy individuals can place orders quickly and easily.

Improved Customer Experience

By minimising wait times and long lines, self-service kiosks can drastically improve the customer experience within your venue.


OrderMate implemented a self-service kiosk solution for one of Australia's most loved QSR brands. This is their story.

How OrderMate Self-service Kiosks are helping one of Australia's most loved QSR Brands

Don't just take our word for it.


Corporate Trainer @ Hogs Express

"Most restaurants are using kiosk-style or self-service ordering platforms, just because of the increase in average spend. A global statistic is a 13% increase per average spend per person. We're blowing that out of the water here with our corporate stores doing an average of 30 - 37%"