OrderMate is more than just a point of sale solution. It also is about educating operators and giving them the tools to run their hospitality business at optimum efficiency.

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Our Knowledge Base is filled with handy tips, quick guides and suggestions on how to make your business run even more smoothly. You can also find out what’s new in each version because we love keeping our customers in the loop with our latest and greatest software. Every version of OrderMate that we release includes exciting new features and functionality that will enhance your daily experience. So stay turned to this page to find out What’s New.

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If a pictures speaks a thousand words then a video speaks a million…

Our video library allows operators to learn more about our products, features and general topic facing the hospitality industry at large. As well as meeting in a virtual sense a number of our OrderMate team members.

For a more detailed range of OrderMate Videos head to our Knowledge Base.

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We understand that different people learn in different ways. This is why we have developed a complete do it yourself training guide on our software. We understand operators and managers are often very busy facing the daily grind of their venue and find it hard to internalise our complete software package in a one off training session. Our OrderMate Academy allows operators to go at their own pace, revise areas until it becomes cohesive and also gaining reference within their own software for future application.

This is a great starting point for new managers and owners who want to get their head around our full Point of Sale solution.

For more information or to get started with the OrderMate academy email training@ordermate.com.au.

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