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Tyro EFTPOS in use


Run your business better with OrderMate and Tyro for integrated EFTPOS payment solutions.

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About Tyro

When it comes to payments and business-only banking, Tyro provides a fresh alternative. Tyro is Australia’s largest EFTPOS provider of all ADIs outside the big four1 and we provide tailored EFTPOS, effortless business lending and banking solutions that support over 36,000 Australian businesses.

Merchant Payment Solutions

MPS are our preferred partner for Tyro integrations. MPS have been working to deliver innovative payment solutions to clients in the hospitality industry since 2008. Contact Merchant Payment Solutions today!

Integrated mobile EFTPOS solutions for Pay@Table and fixed devices for over the counter or bar.

Split, tip & pay in 3 easy steps.

Automatically apply surcharges and offset merchant fees.

Reduce keying errors and simplify end-of-day reconciliation.

Tyro and OrderMate POS

Why Tyro?

  • Seamless integration
    Reduce keying errors and simplify end-of-day reconciliation.
  • Tap & Save
    When your customers tap their debit cards, we’ll route eligible transactions through the cheapest network, saving you on processing costs^
  • Connectivity that suits you
    Ethernet and 3G backup for CounterTop EFTPOS, and WiFi and 4G backup for Mobile EFTPOS. Plus, dual live data centres.
  • Flexibility
    Let your customers pay how they want with integrated features such as Pay@Table, Pay@Bar, SplitBills, Tipping and pre-authorisations*
  • Lightning-fast speeds
    Keep queues short with fast transactions speeds.

1 As per the statistics detailed in Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions Points of Presence June 2020 issued by APRA in October 2020. Excludes EFTPOS providers who are not ADIs.

^Tyro does not guarantee any cost savings by opting in for Tap & Save. Savings on eligible transactions processed through the cheapest network vary for each business depending on their card mix, transaction volume and amount, industry, and pricing plan. Eligible transactions are contactless debit card transactions less than $1,000. Tap & Save is not available on Special Offer pricing which includes some flat fee simple pricing offers or where you surcharge on debit card transactions as cost savings may not be realised. For details refer to or call 1300 00 TYRO (8976).

* Tyro’s Pay@Table, Pay@Bar, and SplitBills features are only available where the POS/PMS supports the integration. SplitBills is only available with Tyro’s Pay@Table/Pay@Bar feature.

Tyro and OrderMate POS

How we work together

Combining operations and payments into one solution, OrderMate and Tyro can help operators save time and money.

  • Pay@Counter
    Your staff initiates the transaction on OrderMate POS and the bill total will show on the Tyro terminal. The customer can then just tap and pay. The EFTPOS terminal updates OrderMate POS once the transaction is approved, and your staff can close off the table.
  • Pay@Table
    Your staff logs into the Tyro terminal with their unique operator ID and inputs the table number. The EFTPOS terminal wirelessly pulls the bill information from the POS, leaving it free for other staff to use. Your staff then hands the terminal to the customer to complete the transaction, and the table is automatically closed off in OrderMate system once the bill is paid.
  • Split bills
    OrderMate and Tyro make it easier for your customers to split bills. Each customer can enter the amount they would like to pay so your staff no longer need to spend valuable time dividing up payments. OrderMate and Tyro communicate with each other on the bill balance in real-time.
  • Tipping
    Tyro terminal intuitively prompts your customers to leave a tip, and if they wish to tip, they can enter a dollar or percentage amount and automatically add it to their share of the bill.
  • Automatic surcharging
    Offset merchant fees with auto surcharging. When a customer presents their card, Tyro can automatically apply the appropriate surcharge to each transaction.