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NostraData’s market wisdom and technology, paired with your experience and data, combine to make the information you need jump from the page in a focussed, useful way. They don’t just present data and expect you to do all the work trying to analyse it. Nostradata spends time understanding your needs so that when your solution is delivered, it is compact, smart and in the form you need it.

Their scale enables to access technology usually reserved for Top 100 companies: from smart big data processing to elegant mobile applications, data is where you need it, when you need it and what you need all at the touch of a button. These data includes: Point of Sale and Dispensary Data, Loyalty, Productivity (including footfall and resource management), Back office, CRM, 3rd party data (like sales reports, representative activity, promotional activity) and pretty much anything. If it’s in a database, NostraData can usually help!