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Linkly is a 100% privately owned, Sydney-based EFTPOS payment solutions provider. Formed in 1998 under the name PC-EFTPOS, Linkly has been Australia and New Zealand's leading supplier of payment integration solutions for over 20 years.

From single-terminal corner stores to the largest retailers, Linkly's rock-solid middleware powers over 200,000 POS terminals, processing over two billion annual transactions, with integrations that support over 500 POS applications.

How we work together

  • Reduce errors. There is no need to re-key transaction amounts. Linkly streamlines the purchase process by syncing a specialised, easy-to-use pin pad supplied by your bank directly to your POS system
  • Improve customer satisfaction. Linkely makes EFTPOS transactions faster and easier. All payments are processed in seconds, meaning less time waiting at the counter and shorter queues. Better still, our App Hub enables alternative payments such as Chinese wallets and Buy-Now-Pay-Later providers, giving your customers the freedom to pay how they want. More options mean more acceptance, better customer experiences and more revenue for your business
  • Deeper insights. Through our payment gateway, our Transaction Data Services (TDS) can provide your business with a detailed view of payment traffic and help increase your revenue control through valuable insights
  • Simplify integration. Our APIs feature up-to-the-minute capabilities that can simplify every aspect of implementation and deployment of a modern payment solution
  • Specialised F&B options. Automate complex surcharges and provide customers with a new range of flexible payment options like Pay@Table and split bills
  • Client Help Desk. Offer expert integration and on-going POS to payment support through the Linkly Client Help Desk