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Lightyear is a global Software as a Service (SaaS) business founded in 2017 by brothers Chris & Roger Gregg which focuses on developing and building cutting edge Accounts Payables cloud accounting products for Businesses, Accountants and Bookkeepers.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom with a second office in Australia, Lightyear provide support for all customers. Their Accounts Payables platform is available in Australia, New Zealand, America (USA), Canada, UK, Ireland and South Africa.

Lightyear is a complete solution from PO's to invoicing and their mission is to help businesses thrive by delivering innovative tools which streamline processes & payments, digitise data, provide insights and connect businesses in the Lightyear Cloud.

Lightyear has been designed with the user in mind and setup is completed in hours not days or weeks. The system itself is laid out in a logical straightforward format that is user friendly and relatively easy to use (we do however recommend taking advantage of the free demo with the Account Guru's for a smoother transition).

How we work together

  • Eliminate data entry and automate approvals into OrderMate Point of Sale Stock/Inventory control. Meaning once a document is uploaded, all line item data is extracted and sent into your inventory software, this will give you a live overview of stock and you can see in real time what you are missing or when items need to be reordered.
  • Go paperless - if you start with paper, you end up with rubbish. Creating an efficient Accounts Payable process can be tricky, but not with Lightyear. Take advantage of Lightyear's unique data capture software and scan/upload your supplier bills for unparalleled accuracy in data extraction.
  • Never lose a bill again with Lightyear's powerful archive feature, everything is held in one place for up to 7 years. Simply search for the GL code, supplier, PO or bill number, due date, product number etc... and the system will retrieve all items up in seconds.
  • PO creation - create your PO's inside Lightyear to reduce time, costs and effort. Streamline your payments processes by tagging approvals directly.
  • Get connected with Lightyear for instant collaboration with approvers, finance teams and suppliers with their innovative companion app that allows users to approve on the go from anywhere. Tag connected users so they can see associated notes and assigned tasks both online and through the app.
  • Five levels of approval - assign up to five levels of approval for each supplier.
  • Get back up to 80% of your team's time & cut costs with real-time automated bookkeeping and removing repetitive tasks that are prone to human error.
  • Automated Supplier Statement Reconciliation - automatically reconcile your supplier statements in seconds and request missing documentation in 2 clicks.

For more information on all of Lightyear's features and benefits, visit or secure your 30 day free trial.