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Drive Yello

Run your business better with OrderMate and Drive Yello. By integrating POS and delivery management into the one solution, venue operators can run their delivery orders more efficiently.

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About Drive Yello

Drive Yello is a driver management platform that  provides last mile delivery service for your customers.

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Delivery orders from the POS are sent straight to Drive Yello.

Remove the need to manually assign and manage delivery orders.

Create a streamlined delivery process.

Allow Drive Yello to manage your every delivery need.

Why Drive Yello?

Drive Yello's platform allows businesses to contract drivers for shifts on the fly; perfect for any business that moves with the flow. It’s the perfect solution to help you reduce delivery times, management costs and increase customer satisfaction.

An efficient, reliable, and quality delivery service like Drive Yello can help you build a customised solution for your every delivery needs.

  • Easily contact drivers.
    Rest assured knowing that you can contact drivers whenever you need them on the fly. 
  • Auto assign deliveries to Drive Yello.
    Drive Yello allows you to auto assign delivery orders, helping to streamline the process, saving time on the ordering side of the system. 
  • Driver tracking integration.
    Track your drivers journey in real time, receive notifications on the orders delivery status to know when they have been completed, delivering or cancelled.  
  • Smart route planning.
    Drive Yello suggests the best route for drivers to take when completing your deliveries. This optimises the delivery process by offering the fastest route to get your orders to customers. 

How we work together

Combining POS and delivery management into one solution, OrderMate and Drive Yello offer businesses a way to efficiently track and manage all their deliveries and drivers in one place. Helping reduce delivery times and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Seamless integration of delivery orders.
    OrderMate's order data is seamlessly communicated with Drive Yello, where they are automatically managed saving venue operators time and money.