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Adi Insights (previously known as ZUUS) was founded on the basis to provide customers with scheduling insights. Today we can offer you Actionable live insights so you can adapt! Enabling you to monitor hours worked and sales metrics in real-time at ALL stages of the workforce management process.

Adi Insights consists of a global team whose purpose is to:

  • Empower you with actionable information to make the best staffing decision
  • Enable you to get your workforce admin done more efficiently
  • Allow you to spend less time in the office and more time with your team and your customers

Our values at Adi Insights are efficiency, team success, flexibility, questioning, inclusion and true grit. We are a global team that thinks locally, ensuring you meet local labor compliance, and are here to serve you in your timezone. We solve tricky problems and help you to continue to thrive and grow.

How we work together

  • Create accurate forecasts with AdaptX that harvests sales and customer counts from OrderMate's Point of Sale system. With AdaptX you can build a flexible labor model that tells you how many staff you need every 15 minutes of every day
  • Easily see where you are under or over-staffing with a graphical display of labor versus customer demand. Through Labor OptiX, it's easy to create, edit and reassign shifts with a click in an intuitive, dynamic interface
  • Update labor metrics on the fly as you adjust the schedule with MetriX Pro dashboard. See daily and weekly stats: forecast sales, labor cost percentages, sales per labor hour, customer counts and store targets
  • Eliminate double scheduling and unexpected overtime - Staff Xchange allows you and your employees to access and interact with multiple schedules. Staff can request availability changes, swap shifts and work across multiple locations. Quickly fill call-offs and no-call no-shows.
  • Make proactive decisions by comparing staff schedules to what happened. Labor TraX is time and attendance management plus a productivity scorecard. AdiClock records time and attendance through a mobile app with geo-tagging or on-site Android or iPad tablets. Electronically record your people's shift start and finish times breaks jobs against what they were scheduled.