Cloud POS Software

Cloud POS Software

Cloud Based POS Software Designed For The Hospitality Industry

Using state of the art technology, OrderMate has designed and developed a cloud based POS system specifically for those working in the hospitality industry. Our software gives you a single, effective solution to many of the laborious tasks you and your staff undertake on a daily basis, especially when dealing with multiple suppliers. The interface is remarkably easy to learn, and you’ll be able to train your staff in only a few minutes – it’s that easy!

Simplified Remote Access – Manage Your Business From Anywhere At Anytime

Cloud POS means you’ll be able to access the system anywhere at any time; from work, at home, anywhere where you have an internet connection. By using the latest technology available, we ensure a seamless, failsafe process for your business and our team is always ready for anything that you may require.

Take Control of Your Business With Real-Time Data

The real advantage of using cloud based software is constant access to real-time data, enabling you to make informed decisions about your business. Platform agnostic software means you’re able to easily take control of your business across all devices including your computer, tablet and smartphone. With multi-site functionality, monitor all locations with ease and make smarter decisions about running your business. Check stock levels, manage rostering and produce reporting easily.

To find out how the cloud point of sale system will help you organise and structure your business activities, including franchise or restaurant POS facilities, contact OrderMate today.