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OrderMate point of sale

We (heart) Integrations

OrderMate has been in the hospitality industry for over 12 years and they have seen landscape change over that time. Various POS companies see a “pain” in the industry and adapt their software to solve this pain at the drop of a hat. OrderMate takes an alternative approach, we find partners in the market that are the leaders in their segment whether it is reservations, accounting, online ordering marketing, rostering, digital signage etc. and we integrate with them. By having an open API, we have the capability to integrate with a wide range of partners that meet the different needs of our different segments.

We have done the R&D and know that by partnering with companies that are the best in the industry - we leverage our brand to the heightened value that is perceived by our customers Australia wide.

For more information about integration with any of the below partners, please feel free to call our office on 1300 667 067 and organise an information pack and a demonstration of the specific integration with our software.

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