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OrderMate point of sale

A user-friendly, feature-rich POS system for Spuntino Food Group

We sat down and had a chat with Frank Nesci, the Managing Director of the Spuntino Food Group in The Boardwalk to hear more about his story and experience using OrderMate.

Surprisingly, Frank’s story doesn’t start off in the hospitality industry. As a student, Frank studied to be an accountant and worked in the finance industry for many years. However, his passion for food and hospitality was ever-present having been raised by parents who owned and operated bakeries in their own right. When the opportunity came to start his own hospitality business, Frank jumped at the prospect. Since then, Frank’s passion for food, amazing restaurant experiences and hospitality has only grown stronger.

About the Boardwalk Pizzeria

The Boardwalk Pizzeria is located in Caroline Springs overlooking Lake Caroline Reserve and serves authentic Italian cuisine. The restaurant has a strong focus on embracing Italian traditions, this is reflected through the freshness of the ingredients they use. Many ingredients are imported straight from Italy in order to recreate authentic pizza and pasta recipes that have been passed down from generations before.

Spuntino Food Group

Spuntino Food Group came around when Frank decided to rebrand all of his businesses and bring them under the one umbrella. The Spuntino Food Group consists of the following hospitality venues:

In addition to these 7 venues, Frank has plans to further grow operations and open up more venues on the horizon. When it comes to Point of Sale the team needed a reliable POS system they could count on and incorporate seamlessly into their operations across multiple venues.

Frank explains how his businesses were able to grow with the implementation of OrderMate. OrderMate’s hospitality consultants are able to tailor solutions to exactly what your POS needs are, with each venue having very different and specific needs.

“We just grew with OrderMate, we love them, working and partnering with OrderMate. We're happy to be on board.”


You can't be everywhere at once. However, you can access reports anytime, anywhere, helping you make business decisions on the fly.

“When you look at OrderMate and all the reports you can get, whether it's looking up how many pizzas the whole group has sold, or how each store has done, or even how an employee is performing, we found at the end of the day all reports out of the system give us what we want and that's what we love about OrderMate.”

OrderMate allows access to extensive reports via our ControlCentre app and OfficeMate reports. This allows your business to make more strategic decisions across all areas with access to data such as:

  • Sales and takings - Items sold, staff sales, modifier reports, hourly sales, year-on-year reports
  • Daily summaries - By category (food, beverages), location (bar, bistro)
  • Audit - discount report, transaction journal, refund report
  • Stock - usage, by period, COGS, by area, on hand, item GP


Customer service is at the heart of every hospitality business and implementing a user-friendly POS allows staff to spend less time putting through orders and more time with customers. This is precisely what the team at The Boardwalk required, a system that would help them take orders quickly, allowing them to provide outstanding customer service.

“The most important aspect when using the system is that navigating through is easy and user-friendly from a staffing point of view as well as my executive chef’s. Allowing them to extract all the information they require.”

Allowing staff to process orders faster frees up their time, leaving them with more time to focus on their customers. The OrderMate POS is highly customisable allowing you to tailor it perfectly to your venue. Move and reorder items on the menu with more popular items at the top of the page to allow for faster checkout. Customising colours also helps staff better group and identify menu items.


OrderMate is feature rich. Helping support your business's every need when trading from ordering and payments, printing and operations, POS design and configuration, management, stock and inventory and reporting and analytics.

“Splitting bills in the way the OrderMate system does is so easy. When I was looking at other systems they were just too complicated in comparison. Setting up maps of your restaurant is easy and changing things around, everything we were taught in onboarding and when we jumped on and did it ourselves, was so easy.”

Frank Nesci from Spuntino Food Group

A final word from Frank

“I highly recommend OrderMate! If you want an easy-to-use system that can be implemented for small, medium or large restaurants, it’s fantastic!”

With the help of OrderMate, The Spuntino Food Group can better focus on higher-level strategic planning and growth for their businesses. Get in touch with our hospitality consultants today to find out how OrderMate can help your business grow.

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