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Increase Revenue, Save Costs & Improve Efficiency with OrderMate POS

While hospitality operators are getting ready to welcome guests back into venues, the account management team at OrderMate is here to assist you and to ensure that you are set up for success. 

Craig and Sebastien, our account managers located in New South Wales, have prepared a few resources on how you can utilise our POS system to increase revenue, save costs and become more efficient so that you can focus on doing what you do best.


Increase Revenue

  • Switch to online reservations - we integrate with reservation partners such as Resdiary & SevenRooms
  • Motivate your staff to be better sales people using OrderMate contests
  • Get customers ordering online or using pay at table with HungryHungry
  • Use combos and triggers to create promotions that will get your customers spending
  • Use your customer data from OrderMate to create an impactful marketing campaign


Save Costs

Improve Efficiency

  • Use OfficeMate to create a menu that flows - save your staff time when ordering
  • Increase revenue & create a more efficient service by adding a tablet solution for quicker ordering
  • Implement stock control to create efficiencies, make ordering stock seamless & prevent losses

Beyond POS

We are committed to helping hospitality operators run better businesses, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

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